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 Port Admiral Footy Tips - Round 20 results

Port Admiral Footy Tips
Results for Port Admiral Footy Tips Round - 20

Good day, fine tippers of the wintery west,


Winter.  Yes indeed.  Low temperature, rain at times, absolutely no sunglasses required.  This, after a glimpse of a spring breeze last week and the faint whistle of finals footy.  This is the late season tedium, the bit where you think you know what’s going to happen, until Freo remind us that we are in a marathon, not a sprint.  Our dear mates and fellow publicans down at Low & Slow are on my mind…I want that Brisket and I want it with dark, rich and robust beer…see you on the weekend lads.  Speaking of dark and robust, we tapped Port Local Porter (keg only) for the first time here last Friday and we are very, very happy with the result.  A consistent slab of dark malts, a dangerously sessionable 4.8% good time.  Get on down and feast your eyes on the Foxtel ball sports.  Also beer news also just in also (embargoed until November 8); Hendo may have just unearthed a component of the upcoming Port Local Sour recipe in the kitchen this morning.  Exciting times.


Do I have much wisdom left at this end of the season?  I do not (I don’t think I ever really have), however, I think that we are in for a cracking September.  I think that it’s anyones, but I am now a proper Sunbears believer, given what they can do at home or away.  It’s the Riewoldt-esque Eric Hipwood that makes me love footy all over again.  Fly at the footy with no regard time and time again, young fella.


I think that the real disappointment from Saturday was that I was sucked in again, as I have been since I can remember, in believing that we had what it takes.  I thought we won the midfield battle and won it well.  The Crows are excruciating really; at once sloppy and backwards in their stoppage work and scintillatingly good with ball in hand and not under pressure.  Being 2 goals down all night doesn’t allow much room for enjoyment, but hey.  When you’re 4 goals down in time-on in the last and you’ve convinced yourself and your mates that you should indeed be the coach of the club, it’s time to go home.  Thank you, many cups of sports juice.


Order in chef: 16 pints of Port Local Porter.  Oh and the Mushroom burger, before you take it off and replace it with that new and exciting iteration.


Have a great week everyone,


Cheers, Crispian.

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 Port Admiral Footy Tips - Round 19 results

Port Admiral Footy Tips
Results for Port Admiral Footy Tips Round - 19

Good day, marvellous tippers of the Port,

Hope you’re all well.  I really can’t believe it’s round 20 this week.  It feels like it’s all been a bit helter skelter in the time lapse of life.  The landlords were in on Tuesday, fixing up some things and reminding me of some odd jobs that the building loves.  The 20 or so mnths since the pub re-opened has truly flown, the doors and hallways now etched with timely reminders of use.  It’s breathing beautifully though, this old beast.  I can’t wait to see it bloom again in Spring.  Finals football now firmly in the conversation, Hendo talking up some menu changes in a few weeks, Port Local Porter now ready for it’s first tapping.  Late winter vibes, indeed.

This week, the St Kilda Football Club will win at the Adelaide Oval for the first time ever.  We will jump the Adelaide Crows early, hold a nice lead at half time, see off a solid third term surge and survive in a thriller under lights.  It will be brilliant.  It may be emotional.  I may eat my words

And so we see the boy from the bottleshop continue his dominance, the only hope now a slew of 9’s from one of you deep in the pack.  I suggest loading up on those sides with interim coaches, not Freo, heaps of Tigers and may the Sunbears continue their meteoric rise.

Get on down for some fresh Porter next week, Wings on Mondays, Curry on Tuesdays and the live music upstairs Friday night fun times.

All St Kilda members to receive hugs from me on display of current membership card next week.  Win or lose, it’s a thing.

Order in chef: Kimchi Dumplings, butcher Port Local, glass house white.

Have a great week everyone.

Cheers, Crispian.

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 Port Admiral Footy Tips - Round 18 results

Port Admiral Footy Tips
Results for Port Admiral Footy Tips Round - 18

Good morning, tipping enthusiasts of the West,


There are 2 things that I think I love the most about my working week: wiping down the outside tables each morning and making pints Lemon, Lime & Bitters.  There is a mind soothing effect that the sponge imparts in it’s constant search for table cleanliness.  Chairs out, tables wiped, blinds down, heaters out…then into the day.  About an hour or so after the pub opens, the first order for LLB arrives, verbally, by a punter craving the utterly unique flavour combination of Angostura Bitters, sweet lemonade and the essence of dead ants; Bickfords lime cordial.  I can’t share ratios with you, it’s all slight of hand and colour visualisation.  Do have one soon though, perhaps at a freshly wiped table at your friendly local pub.


All of this has nothing to do with your tipping week though…what is going on with you all?  Some stumbling, some late surges…Dave has caught Rowan and I think he might crush him late.  Soph Dohndt, fresh back from Africa, still a chance to topple sister Jessie, 4 ahead.  Dana now with a commanding lead…I do want this to be closer…it’s on you Steve, Dingus (who are you?!), Kristen, Dylan…Peter ‘The Architect’ Kiley can still win it, what a story that would be.  All I want to do is beat young Stewart Wesson.


Could I write and write and write about how good we are when we play at Marvel with an interim coach and we tackle properly and don’t butcher the ball going forward?  I could.  Will you yawn a lot though?  Yes.  WE’RE BACK BABYYYYYYYYYYY! 


Order in chef: 16 pints of Southwark Stout.  Oh and A Bacon Deluxe.


Have a great week everyone,


Cheers, Crispian.

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 Port Admiral Footy Tips - Round 17 results

Port Admiral Footy Tips
Results for Port Admiral Footy Tips Round - 17

Good day, good tippers of the Port,


Well.  Best night of sports ever?  Probably not, but not far off.  I think I timed it perfectly: fire lit, watch end of first innings and finish Boilermaker of Coopers Best Extra + Bushmills Original, get into couch sleep mode and drift off as Roger and Novac are 1-1.  Wake hours later with 4 overs left at Lords and SW19 tensing into a tiebreaker.  Watch as Ben Stokes somehow does it, realise that professional tennis is probably not a career option now, brush teeth, finish sleep in bed.  It did help the somewhat brutal hangover of the bonfire night prior, where much Cricket wisdom was heard deep into the night courtesy of brother Rowan, currently 10th here in these tips.


I am upset with football this week and will not be discussing anything about Richmond’s winning form, how I truly believe that teams really do love a Perth trip thereby negating the home ground advantage of West Coast or how Carlton are fun to watch again.  Nor will I be discussing the bereft feeling when your club doesn’t have a coach anymore and how it may impact on any semblance of confidence that you expect your team to have for the remainder of the season.


Dana Ashford, bottleshop manager, has been heaped some praise of late because of the form and he continues it again, stretching 1 clear with 6 weeks to go.


Get on down for some live music this week, upstairs Friday night!  New wine list next week.  The promise of Spring soon.  Soon.


Order in chef: Beef Parmigiana, because Jim reckons they’re a thing, because Harlan said so.  Schooner Port Local.  Long Black.  Newspaper.


Have a great week everyone,


Cheers, Crispian.

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 Port Admiral Footy Tips - Round 16 results

Port Admiral Footy Tips
Results for Port Admiral Footy Tips Round - 16

Good evening, dedicated tippers of the Port,

Whatever you think of it, you can’t deny it’s impressive.  They have completely captured the rivalry element, this rugby league lot.  I love union, thanks to years of conditioning by the Irishman (well done on your 6 on the weekend sir).  I’ve thought league is just a bit too simple; 5 tackles only, no finesse, just a bunch of clowns continuously running into a brick wall.  But this Origin stuff, I’m into it.  There is feeling and an urgency which wipes that stuff away, for mine.  Ray Warren certainly helps, Bruce could do with some of the nuanced and thorough calling tips.  I’m reminded by the worship I had of the State Of Origin of old…the dead of each winter punctuated by the mammoth contest of us versus them.  I am a hardcore St Kilda supporter and avid follower of the Victorian food & wine scene, but come State Of Origin, I was all about Platten, Kernahan, McDermott and heck, even the Roo.  13 year oId me was 30 metres directly behind Tony Hall on that night in 1992 when he out bodied Ken Hinkley, pounced on the skidding pass from Andrew Obst, shimmied like a graceful swan, inverted the Sherrin into the perfect banana and goaled to put the nail in the coffin for the Vics.  Was it a better kick because it was an Origin game?  I think so, absolutely.

 These weeks keep rolling, yeah?  The ladder is now interesting.  I don’t find it that interesting until about now.  My mob can technically still make it, now paying $1001…cheeky $20?  Gamble responsibly.

The Tigers / Giants / Lions / Crows / Power fight for that 4th spot that excites…it really does feel like anyones flag.  Walker and Betts need a run in the scoobys, surely.  Hinkley may not be able to catch Tony Hall under lights, but he can make the tough calls and they look like they’ve got each other’s backs deeply now.

I did promise deeper analysis, but I’m not sure where to start.  Do we focus on the crunch of the top 5 spots, which is now a week to week scramble?  Or would you like a recap of all prizes and who is in the hunt?  Might do all of the above, as we deep dive into real winter. 

It seems I go for QLD in the Origin, just based on gut feel.  Ah well.  Do yourself a favour: 1994 SA vs Vic on youtube.  You’re welcome.

Order in chef: Beef Burger with Bacon, 14 chips and a schooner of handpumped Lobethal Stout.

Have a great week everyone,

Cheers, Crispian.

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 Port Admiral Footy Tips - Round 15 results

Port Admiral Footy Tips
Results for Port Admiral Footy Tips Round - 15

Excellent tipping humans of the Port,


Yeah, nah, way too late.  My socks are being pulled up as I type.


Rural.  Football.  Netball.  Pasties with sauce.  $5 stubbies of anything; draught, pale, stout, mid, light.  A canteen full of food colouring and high level sucrose.  The Yankalilla football club on a Saturday in late June.  What a time.  Back up the ute so the kids can sit in the back tray, 2 footys pumped up ready to dob, the daughter armed with an ipad in case things got really boring.  Far from it.  In a showcase of fine wet weather skills, each side kicks 11 goals and the Tigers beat the Encounter Bay Eagles by 3 points in a thriller.  Probably the 5th best mark I’ve ever seen with my own eyes by the captain coach in long sleeves.  Take Away Chinese in Normanville, home for a Whisky.  Life.


I didn’t even really know that Carlton beat Freo until yesterday.  I did know that the Saints can now only play 3 quarters.  Don’t sack the coach though until we are playing 4 quarters and still losing.  Keep the faith.  Oh the faith.


Hey, I fully tipped the Bombers and North in the private home comp with the daughter and I’m really proud of it.


A deeper analysis promise for next week, for now; we’re tied at the top with 7 rounds left.  It’s heating up for real.


Friday night footy and the showdown should be belters. 


Order in chef: That wood grilled baby squid dish please.  I like it’s textures; a butcher of Coopers Dark as it cooks with another butcher to follow.


Have a great week everyone,


Cheers, Crispian.

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 Port Admiral Footy Tips - Round 14 results

Port Admiral Footy Tips
Results for Port Admiral Footy Tips Round - 14

Fine tippers of the Port,


Well, this Wednesday thing is a thing.  Before you know it, you’ve rolled through the to-do’s on a Monday with Wings night and a few little niggles from the weekend.  Tuesday arrives abruptly, any lingering needs sorted out before Curry night fills the air with the aromas necessary for life.  Port Local flows strong, Pale Ale drinkers are always asked ‘Coopers or Pirate Life?’ (I love this question – people are very dedicated either way…)  And then it’s Wednesday, where the Warner Bros crew pop down for a quick lunch in between filming ‘Mortal Kombat’ in a warehouse in Port Adelaide…finally, to the tips.  It’s heating up now people…


I like the Swannys this time of year, they become gnarly in winter; all dogged and unflappable with the forward class showing off under lights.  I generally do not like the Saints this time of year (apart from my burning love for them), on account of the disastrous losses that render them looking bereft of any function as a team.  I think the real winner was Port, catching the Cats napping and driving home the win with some grit.  They shape better with Dixon and look more likely when they risk.  Keen to see if the break affects the Camry’s, they’ll need to be up and about in Geelong, which looms as match of the round.  I went to the Cattery a couple of years ago on a Friday night; it’s a great time.


Molto Dana returns from the boot top of the table, with many breathing down his ‘kerchiefed neck.  Jessie Dohnt ahead of sister Sophie by 5, Stu Wesson currently beating wife Rosie by 7, but I’m predicting a massive finish here which will see Rosie the champion of the house.  Kat Travis, you are remarkably bad this year, but your enthusiasm never wanes, well played.


Thursday night footy still going – get your tips in people!


Order in chef: Salt ‘n’ Pepper Eggplant + 1 x glass of the Chenin sample that was dropped off yesterday.


Have a great week everyone,


Cheers, Crispian.

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 Port Admiral Footy Tips - Round 13 results

Port Admiral Footy Tips
Results for Port Admiral Footy Tips Round - 13

Good day, tipping folk of the West…


How’s about the weather?  Not only can you get the washing done early and mow the lawn for the first time in weeks, but you can truly embrace the magic of Saturday at 3:45pm; the last quarter underway at Woodville, the Bloods getting smashed, the red cans flowing…it’s basic stuff, but in dollar terms, probably the best value you’ll find in town.


Caught up with the brother for a brief 2000’s inspired café lunch last week (think much rocket, balsamic glaze, etc…), he tells me he’s really enjoying the comp this year, probably on account of sitting 12th, within striking distance (ya 3 didn’t help this week champ) and that he’s beating his mate Dave by 1.  We discussed torpedos, Tony Modra’s incredible ability to kick goals off the ground, the Tigers demise and other such things.  He then reminded me of one of the lost arts; the blind turn.  You just don’t see it anymore!  Turning into the absolute unknown, a gamble that could pay big, or end you up in the Epworth hospital, nursing a broken head.  I’m into it.  I’m going to blind turn at various moments at the pub this week and see what happens…


Jeepers Port fans must be frustrated now.  The Crows start to look about right, the Freo loss damages hope.  I do actually want for a successful Port side, given our community and that they never have actually taken a flag from me, unlike the Camry’s…they’re just looking a bit done.  What else are we learning?  That Carlton can be fun.  That St Kilda are deeply flawed, but also can be fun.  That Freo and GWS may play in the GF this year.


Good tipping from many of you sees an interesting mix now; Bottle shop Dana is clear by 2 at the top, just getting it done from Italy.  Hey when are you back mate?!


Order in chef: Eggplant Parmigiana, but with 8 chips and 16 green beans.  1 x glass Organic house Shiraz.  Thank you very much.


Have a great week everyone,


Cheers, Crispian.

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 Port Admiral Footy Tips - Round 12 results

Port Admiral Footy Tips
Results for Port Admiral Footy Tips Round - 12

Good evening, fine tippers,


Ahhhh the Wednesday night curse.  Sincere apologies.  It’s been a blur; all up and down the Eastlink in Melbourne for the Bball carnival for the 11 year old, into a short, short week.


Major highlight; taking the boy to Moorabbin to watch training late on Sunday morning…the boys just doing some light kicking work (probably need to do the heavy stuff) on the same deck where Plugger and Barks used to wreak havoc.  As the squad headed into the gym giving a few high fives and waves, I was handed a Sherrin by the one of the old fellas in the tracksuit and allowed a dob on the hollowed turf.  Happy, happy stuff.


I’ll bring some more noise next week / share some things learned / discuss the screw punt, etc.


Order in chef: Mac & Cheese Croquettes.  Heaps of ‘em.  Plus Lager.  Ta.


Have a great week everyone,


Cheers, Crispian.

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 Port Admiral Footy Tips - Round 11 results

Port Admiral Footy Tips
Results for Port Admiral Footy Tips Round - 11

Good morning, dedicated tipping friends,


And here we are, first week of June.  It’s a sign of aging, surely, to constantly quip about how fast the year is going?  By the way guys – THIS YEAR IS FLYING BY!  I don’t really know what to do about this situation, I think it’s just acceptance and open some more bottles and enjoy the moment.  Yeah?  Anyway, it’s been a nice little Sunday here at the pub; some rainy bits, some interesting characters…I shouted a butcher of Port Local to an eager bloke in a Saints guernsey who lobbed at the bar about an hour before the bounce, both of us brimming with confidence, even with the news that gastro had struck our camp.  Fast forward 3 hours later, he storms into the bottle shop, we hardly speak, he buys a bottle of tequila and goes home, safe in the knowledge that we are, if nothing else, classic St Kilda.


Confidence.  I caught the Friday night second half and was reminded that confidence is everything in this sport; the Roos were the epitome of ‘up and about’.  The Tigers missed their first 5 targets of the 3rd quarter, fell behind by 20, then 30, then it was done.  How’s the confidence in Michael Walters at the moment?  The likely All Australian forward pocket just getting it done, cold as ice.  I do love this Luke Hodge filled confidence the the Lions are carrying, they are carving out their new story, it seems completely legit.


No 9’s this week people, just a slew of 7’s and 6’s, all holding you in good stead.  It’s still tight at the top, the only major move this coming from Peter ‘I built this website’ Kiley, into 9th, 5 off the pace.  Peter harbours dreams (don’t we all) of winning this thing, I think he’s on the march.  Bottleshop Dana is in Italy being molto and sitting second nicely.  June and July will sort us all out.


Plenty of byes coming up; I’ll do my best to make sense of this tight yet excellent season. 


Order in chef: Curry night Tuesday night!  To warm up, I’ll have that new Yellow Fish Curry – it’s a banger…1 x glass Airlie Bank Pinot Noir also.  Ta.


Have a great week everyone,


Cheers, Crispian.

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